How is attendance being tracked?
Staff are expected to monitor student engagement in distance learning in the following ways: by work submitted in Google Classroom, completion of online tasks, and communication during office hours. Staff will maintain a record of all students who have not engaged in distance learning and provide it to the principal for appropriate interventions.

Can my child use another device besides a computer?
Yes, your child can get to their online classes through any internet-enabled gadget. A desktop, tablet, ipad/tablet, indeed a smartphone.

I don’t have a computer for my child, can I still get one?
We are doing our best to supply a gadget to each family that does not have one. If you still don't have a gadget at domestic, if you don't mind contact the Welcome Center at +91 98548 48548 | +91 96845 47585. Gadgets are being conveyed by arrangement from four school areas.

Is there tech support for my device and Google Classroom?
For log-in issues, questions almost usernames or passwords, trouble getting to Google Classroom, or in the event that your gadget ought to be traded, if it's not too much trouble contact the Welcome Center at 91 98548 48548 | +91 96845 47585.

What should a day in the life of a virtual student look like?
The objective isn't to copy the classroom, but to supply locks in domestic learning openings for all understudies. The table underneath gives direction for intelligently virtual instruction, independent practice and completion of assignments.

Can my child go technology-free with printed learning materials?
We emphatically energize understudies to utilize E-learning and we are committed to supporting this move for our understudies. Be that as it may, in case you are doing not have a device, internet get to, or in the event that you'd favor a technology-free choice with printed learning materials, if it's not too much trouble contact your child’s teacher. In April, the area started mailing tech-free printed materials and assets to PreK and K-5 families from the central office printshop. Understudies in grades 6-12 will be mailed printed materials specifically from their school. In the event that you have got any questions approximately printed learning materials, if you don't mind contact your school specifically. Instructors will give tech-free lessons for all understudies recognized as partaking in this choice.

What about final exams and grades?
Last exams are canceled and will not be included in review judgments. Quarter 4 grades will be due on June 4. In arrangement with state direction, the ultimate quarter 4 review will be changed over naturally to Pass/Fail.